Main Point Farm,Falkland Islands

For many years my only hobby was communicating through post, pen pals around the world I learnt a lot about other countries. Then much later to us in the Falklands in camp, along came telephones then internet. This opened up a whole new world of learning more about other countries and then came travel, to see some of these places and meet new people. Including one of my very long ago original pen pals, we had lost touch as life moved on for us both from 15 year olds and many years later we got in touch via Facebook, met up and we became very good friends, I visit Katy when ever I can (18 hour very expensive flight means not as often as I would like) and she built and looks after my web site. Long story short feels like we have been friends forever, been on adventures together, mostly her looking after me! Hopefully with many more to come.

Main Point Farm,Falkland Islands


Painting! About a year ago living on my own, winters can be quite long I decided I needed something to do that was an escape from routine life but nothing fiddly that takes patience (that is not me)! I tried paint pouring - fluid art.

Saw pictures, followed some people on the internet. Watched You Tube, bought some materials and had a go.

I still have loads to learn and I’m never going to be an expert but I love it!

It’s addictive, is messy, it’s fun, you don’t know what the outcome will be and I can lose myself in it for hours. The house will never be the same, there is nothing that hasn’t got paint splashes on it! Including the animals!

I have also started making jewelry from paint skins (the pretty bits of run off paint). I do sell a few but it is primarily just a hobby.